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Outdoor P10 single color traffic bus destination LED display screen moving message

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  • Brand:    TS
  • Type:    TS-P10-B
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Outdoor P10 single color traffic LED waterproof display screen moving message panel

Screen size屏幕尺寸


Cabinet size外框尺寸


Frame material外框材料

铝型材 aluminum

Power supply电压

DC 9-36V

Displaying content 显示内容

Text, time, date, graphics, DIY LOGO

temperature and light sensor (customizate to add)

Pixel pith (MM) 点间距

10 MM

Display array 像素

32X160 pixel

Communication mode通讯


LED Color ( Optional)颜色

Single color(Red/Yellow/Blue/Green/White)

Bi-color (RG)

Full color (RGB)

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