bus led display

bus advertising led display sign,led ticker for bus advertising

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  • Type:    TS-P5
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bus advertising led display sign,led ticker for bus advertising

bus led display

bus advertising led display

bus advertising sign

Integration of aluminum mold design, slim and beautiful, delicate, convenient installation. (also can use cabinet design)

  • Using 10 mil counter electrode import wafer high brightness LED chips, guarantee in the outdoor show the blurringness of brightness, glamorous, droop, and longer life.
  • All products are 55 degrees high purity tin, ensure the long-term stability and solder joint full each element.
  • using 1.6 MM super thick PCB design, to ensure that the product does not deformation, heat dissipation and stability.
  • driven by constant current and constant current car screen dedicated power supply. Constant current design with time delay and short circuit protection function, can better protect the life of LED lamp bead.
  • the power cord adopts industrial-grade international standards.
  • DC: 9 v - 36 v wide voltage design work, can withstand an instant impact 90 v.
    constant current power supply hardware delay start function. The power supply output voltage protection.
  • has under voltage, over voltage, over current, overheat, power supply polarity reverse connect protection, resistance to electromagnetic interference, power supply, purification and protective measures
  • components should use the design, such as resistance to high temperature and high pressure power device for heat treatment, circuit boards, such as high pressure plate using moistureproof processing.
  • all material USES the level where V0 fire rating.
  • can partition display, to display the name and at the same time the bus route. Can at the same time in different areas of the control and single control content and docking stops are updated in real time.
  • have a variety of languages to choose from, and each program every word can be set separately using a different font.
  • can show simple images and animations.
  • all products often strict test and 24 hours aging, ensure that customers get products are qualified fine products.

  • bus stop auto announcer Functions and Features 

    Display: 4.3 inch True Color LCD, 480×272 resolution of lattice HD display 

    CPU: Cotex-MD series, 32 bus width 120M processing speed 

    Position: Ublox Series high procession positioning module 

    Voice: Hardware MP3 decoding, Hi-Fi digital power amplifier 

    Power: 6~36 V vehicle-mounted wide power adaptation 

    USB: High Speed USB-OTG communication interface, fit for varies of flash disk and also can be taken as memory device which can be connected with computer. 

    SD Interface: High-Speed SHDC interface, fit for varies of SD card. 

    Storage: Internal 128 M Byte storage space, particularly used for vehicle-mounted fault-tolerant optimization and write balance processing 

    File System: Universal FAT/FAT32 File system with convenient and quick file configuration. 

    Operation System: Embed real-time operation system, support multiple tasks processing. 

    UI: Customized UI which particularly designed for Bus Application, user friendly and stable response. 

    Video: Unique CVBS input and integrated monitor function. 

    TTS: Contains intelligent analysis and conversion algorithm of text, natural and fluent voice broadcast. 

    RF: Wireless swipe card, support ISO/IEC 14443 Type A series smart card. 

    Peripheral Port: The ports including RS232×2, RS485, CAN and several IO ports make the product conveniently connect to external devise such as camera, punch card machine, advertising machine, LED screen, interphone, monitor, etc. can support 5pcs bus led destination display sign board. 

    Independent advertising system could achieve real-time advertise text replacement through GPRS under convenient operation. 

    Automatic time record when the bus in start point, terminal and each station on the route. 

    Voice advertising in several ways under easy operation. 

    Remind of speed limit and over speed as well as over speed record. 

    Remind of departure and arrival. 

    Automatic stations report by GPS positioning. 

    The functions as buses dispatch, record of operating times, and remind the time of departure and arrival are available as well.  “one-tap” record of station’s location including coordinates and angles make route record and update more convenient.

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