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bus led route display sign show line terminal and stop destination

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bus led  route display sign show line terminal and stop destination 

Bus stop announcer and LED display driver are highly integrated. We use TI power chip from America for power supply, integrate it to LED panel, makes it offer power with high efficiency. Also, we insert the control card to the LED panel directly. In this case, there is no cable among the spare parts inside the display.It makes our display carry good seismic behavior while lower the cost of labour and materials. The most important thing is that we develop both the software and hardware by our own,possessing the independent intellectual property rights and patents. Our products are popular in South America, Europe, Singapore etc.

Low power consumption, super high brightness

-50mm thickness, display red or amber(optional)

-Support temperature and humidity display, brightness automatically adjustable.

-Support remote control, for select program and adjust brightness.

-Support key-board select program

-DC 9-36V input voltage

-RS232 or U-disk upload program

bus led  route display sign

We have opened mould to make the frame a complete item with full aluminum. LED panels and power supply are mounted to frame, which make it perfect to transfer the heat outside the frame. Easy to maintan and install. For this, our display are able to work for a very long time.

bus led  route display

No externa wire & terminal connection makes the display feature a good anti-seismic character. We connect the parts without wire(check the photos on the right) to avoid the problems that caused by the loose of wires.

big size chip with copper feet and gold wire, which won't cause high temperature after working for a long time 2.The brightness won't fade away within 3 years. 

6.Between power supply and data interface, electrical surge is adopted to offer ESD protection, over-current protection and over-voltage protection

1.How do we garrantee the quality?

1.Comprehensive tests and strick control of the materials
(1)In order to test materials and improve the reliability of finished products, we bought some unconventional equipments to tests materials, such as Temperature Environmental test equipment, Aging equipment for LED lamps, Spectrum Analyzer for LED lamps and Power Analyzer etc.
(2)All our products have been through series of tests before being packed, such as EMC and ESD tests) 
(3)vibration tests: 8-hours z-axis test under the shaking condition of QC/T41
(4)Tests for the range of power supply
(5)Tests for high and low temperature(-40℃+75℃)
(6)ISO-7637 tests

bus led display

2.Strict control of technology 
(1)To avoid mistakes caused by wokers when assembling, we improve the ptoducts from all aspects.In this case,it is easy to assemble even if you don't do it before.
(2)We also arrange a complete process of testing.

2.High designing level of software & hardware

(1)Our engineers have 15-year experience in developing software & hardware, about 10-year experience in developing bus led display.With such rich experience, they allow us to produce high integrated displays.
(2)Until now, we have been doing business with customers, from Hongkong, Singapore, Germany and China, who are very strict with the quality. 
During the cooperation, they offer us lots of ideas and experience.

How we lower the costs of our products?

Improving structures of products, making it easy to assemble so that we can lower the costs of labour.

bus led  display sign

bus led display