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The principle and classification difference of LED display scanning method

      2014/11/18      view:

      It is well known that LED display common driving methods are static scanning and dynamic scanning. Static scanning is divided into static real pixels and static virtual. Dynamic scanning is also divided into dynamic real image and dynamic virtual. At present, the driving devices of Shenzhen Top Shine Electronic Co LTD are domestic HC595, Taiwan MBI5026, Japan Toshiba TB62726, etc., divided into 1/2 scanning, 1/4 scanning, 1/8 scanning, 1/16 scanning, 1/32 scanning.
      First, LED display scanning method classification:
      Scan mode: In a certain display area,the ratio of lines of the same time lighting with lines of the whole reginal 
      1. Static scanning: Static scanning is to perform “point-to-point” control from the output of the driver IC to the pixel. Static scanning does not require a control circuit, and the cost is higher than dynamic scanning, but the display effect is good, the stability is good, and the brightness loss is the advantages.
       2, dynamic scanning: dynamic scanning is from the output of the driver IC to the pixel point to implement the "point to column" control, dynamic scanning requires a control circuit, the cost is lower than static scanning, but the display effect is poor, the brightness loss is greater .
        Second, according to the environment:
         The indoor single color of Shenzhen Top Shine Electronic Co LTD is generally 1/16 scan, the indoor full color is generally 1/8 scan, the outdoor single and double color is generally 1/4 scan, and the outdoor full color is generally static scan.
        Third, by type:
        1, the indoor LED display full color scanning mode: P4, P5 is constant current 1 / 16, P6, P7.62 is constant current 1 / 8.P1.875,P2,P2.5,P3 are 1/32 scanning.
        2, outdoor full-color LED display scanning mode: P10, P12 is constant current 1/2, 1/4, P16, P20, P25 is static.
        3, single and double color LED display scanning mode is mainly constant current 1/4, constant current 1 / 8 scanning, constant current 1 / 16 scanning. For example, F3.75, F4.75, and F5.0 are mostly 1/8 scanning (higher brightness) or 1/16 scanning.
        Fourth, LED display 1/4 and 1/8 scaning mode:
        1/4 scaning: Under the same conditions, the 1/4 scaning led display has only half of the brightness of the 1/2 scaning led display, suitable for semi-outdoor and indoors. The control method is to increase from two LEDs of 1/2 to four LEDs. The current is scanned between 4 LEDs.
        1/8 scaning, 1/16 scaning: These are the lower brightness drivers and are generally only used indoors. The way they are controlled is also analogous.
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