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P10 DIP RGB led display and module with sunvisor is the strong and best led module

      2018/12/13      view:

Why the  strong and best led module is P10 DIP RGB led display and module?

1.DIP led module all legs via PCB,Double sides all  soldering,So it is really stable and strong.(SMD only 1 side soldering)

2.DIP led display each dots using 3leds,SMD only using 1 led.So the Heat dissipation is not good,ofcourse the tempeture will be high. the  lifetime and quality thd dip is better than smd. 

3.Accroding Production process and chip are different.DIp it has high brightness and lower power。 SMD it has lower brightness and high power.

4.DIP led module it is easy to maintain and change led. and 1 time only change 1color, for SMD need to change all color.

5.DIP Production process is hard to broken. SMD when you impact or drop out or shipping  is easy to broken.


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