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P2 indoor led screen finished settled.

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P2 indoor led screen finished settled.

The P2 full-color indoor LED display installation in the hotel conference room has been successfully completed, and the trial is successful, ready to be officially put into use next week.

P2 indoor high-definition led display has dual network cable hot backup function, two computers simultaneously control one LED screen, when one computer has problems, another computer automatically takes over to ensure the normal operation of the display; P2 small-pitch display is packaged The method is SMD surface mount 2121 lamp bead three-in-one, mainly composed of red, green and blue colors; one square meter has 250,000 pixel points, the dot spacing between each pixel point is 2mm; the scanning mode is 32 sweep, one The power consumption per square meter is about 500 watts per square meter. The new mask is set, the color mixing is more uniform, and the high-density pixels make the picture quality clearer and wider.

P2 indoor high-definition led display how to use the operating instructions:

1. Seamless splicing, P2LED full color screen kit design to control the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, easy to install, can be made into any shape according to the user's needs, assembly and disassembly, easy maintenance;

2. Install the steel structure frame, the P2 LED screen is a lightweight steel frame, and the corresponding beam and column part adopts the chemical riveting bolted steel plate as the supporting structure, and the display steel frame is connected with the riveted fixed steel plate.

3. Unit board module splicing joint: The unit board gap joint seam size is consistent, and ≤ 1mm.

4. Due to the particularity of the LED display industry, it is required to change the operating current of the LED lamp by adjusting the supply voltage under certain conditions, thereby changing the brightness of the LED, so that in the design of the energy-saving scheme, 4.2-5V power supply, power consumption Small amount, energy saving 20%.

5. Diverse shapes: can be made into rectangles, squares, curved, round and other custom designs.

6. Shenzhen Top Shine Electronic Co Ltd has a low-power solution, which can make the display run 1/3 more energy-saving than the original, further reducing your operating costs.

7.P2 LED full color screen is controlled by common computer operating system and universal playing software. It is easy to learn and understand. It can edit the playing content and sequence arbitrarily, making the system setting operation very convenient.

8. Indoor P2 led display mature patch-type three-in-one technology, according to the actual needs of customers to provide personalized solutions.

Shenzhen Top Shine electronic Co Ltd P2 indoor high-definition led display has been tested before the following test, we strictly check the quality of the product, absolutely no leakage in any part.

1. Semi-finished electrical performance test, before the semi-finished module is sealed, after the QC test is completely OK, all products are powered on and aging for at least 48 hours.

2. Finished product aging experiment, the finished module is installed on the LED box, and simulates the whole screen assembly. After the aging test, there is no fault after 72 hours.

3. Anti-corrosion experiment, in order to ensure the anti-corrosion reliability of the circuit board and the chassis after repeated treatment, salt spray experiment must be carried out in the production process.

P2 indoor high-definition led display installation and debugging tutorial and instructions for use:

[product model]: P2 screen

[product spacing]: 2mm

[Application site]: Widely used in airports, stations, exhibition halls, trading halls, stadiums, government agencies, taxation, finance, electric power, telecommunications, mobile communication large stadiums, train waiting rooms, live broadcasts of TV programs, exhibition venues, performing arts Centers, entertainment venues, large-scale literary evenings, concerts, etc.

[Installation method]: steel frame inlay, wall-mounted, mobile, lease

[line of sight]: 2.5-30 meters

[Features]: For indoor P2led display, the user can arrange the display mode arbitrarily; display text, picture, chart, image, animation, video information; and display the amount of information is not limited, high-end configuration, stable performance, It has good flatness and seamless splicing. It uses high-quality luminescent components as the core material of the display and adopts its own patented circuit board design, which fundamentally guarantees the service life of the product.